Wednesday, 3 February 2010

NEW online literature searching tutorials

A new suite of video literature searching tutorials for Education is now available on WebLearn. The tutorials are linked from all course areas, and from the main Department site, which is publicly available:

The tutorials take you through the main stages of a literature search for education, from devising your search strategy through to getting hold of the full text of useful articles.

I hope that the tutorials will be useful for you, as a supplement to the face-to-face training that we offer in the library. If you have missed the training sessions we have run so far this year, we would encourage you to work through these tutorials first, and then to contact Sue Oswald to book an appointment to help with your research, if you have any further questions (

There are currently 7 tutorials available. We hope to make 2 more available shortly, which will cover databases specific to Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition.

Note: these tutorials work best in Firefox or Internet Explorer 7. If you have any technical problems, please contact Wan-Ying Tay (, who has been very ably assisting with all the technical aspects of creating the tutorials.

I do hope you find them useful. Please do pass on any feedback to Sue, and I will return to evaluate their success and add to/amend them in November!

With very best wishes,


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