Thursday, 30 September 2010

Welcome/ Welcome back!

To all new MSc and DPhil students, and those of you who have been away over the summer, we wish you a warm welcome/ welcome back to the Bodleian Education Library.

New library websites

• Our main library website has moved to:

We also have two new LibGuides:

• Bodleian Education Library Guide
This is a guide to getting started in the library. It covers the basics, such as finding your way around, using SOLO, printing, and so on.

• Finding Information for Education
This is a more detailed guide to help you decide where to begin when doing education research. It includes a set of video tutorials to help you search the education literature by topic.

Reclassification of Resources Room

The reclassification and reorganisation of the Resources Room is under way. So if you struggle to find anything, please do ask.

Events this term

We look forward to seeing you at our events this term – book sales, key search skills training sessions etc.

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